GoodWeave Collaboration Creates New Afghan Rug Facility

Rug weaving in Afghanistan is an integral part of the country's culture. Following years of conflict, which had an adverse impact on rug production, GoodWeave has partnered with local women in Kabul to once again celebrate and encourage the craft of Afghan rug-making. The Tapish Weaving Centre is a unique production facility – staffed and managed by women. GoodWeave's world class certification and labelling scheme adds the assurance that safe and ethical labour practices are behind every spectacular piece and that no child labour is used.

Tapish Weaving is GoodWeave's inaugural weaving training centre in Afghanistan, which was jointly started with Ariana Rugs Inc. last year. Nina Smith, Executive Director at GoodWeave explains: "So much production is spread out and is home based, making it harder to monitor working conditions and product quality. Labour conditions are almost always better in a centred facility." The facility is inspected and monitored by GoodWeave to ensure it meets the highest standards of ethical manufacturing, whilst Ariana Rugs oversees the production – it is a unique collaboration.

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